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No longer will you be afraid to lift the lid and see what awaits you.  

Will my BBQ be dirty? Will it flare up and ruin our meal? Is there something living in there?  

You will once again grill with pride on your squeaky clean BBQ. 


The BBQ Doctor professionally cleans and services all types of outdoor BBQ grills and built-in BBQ islands.  

Our cleaning and degreasing service improves the taste of your food and increases the life of your BBQ grill investment. 

Prevent the build-up of pest attracting ash, soot, and grease, keeping your grill beautiful, shiny, and ready to go anytime.

Problems with a burner or uneven flame? The BBQ Doctor can diagnose and fix most every make and model of BBQs. 


Excellent Service. Superior BBQ Cleaning. Expert Repairs

Outstanding Design and Installation of Outdoor Kitchens

BBQ Cleaning

Let us make your BBQ shine like its brand new!



We clean the hood, firebox, cooking grids, burner's heat plate or briquette trays, drip tray, and warming rack.

We remove parts, degrease and polish and also unclog burners and service igniters. 


When finished your BBQ will look and feel new again! 

BBQ Repairs

Can't quite get your BBQ to lite? Thinking about getting rid of the old thing? Give us a shot!

$125 per hour/ Plus cost of Parts, Tax and Shipping


We diagnose problem BBQs and then replace or fix parts. We will keep your grill looking and performing at its best. We stock a wide variety of grill parts from top manufacturers such as Lynx, Viking, Alfresco, DCS, Twin Eagle, Weber, Fire Magic, and Turbo.  

BBQ Installation

Don't want the hassle of getting rid of your old BBQ and installing your new one? Call Us!

$350 and up


We can handle your BBQ installation from beginning to end: pick-up at the store, assemble, connect, and test. We will remove the old grill and properly dispose.  

BBQ Consultations

The BBQ Doctor is here to help you find which grill fits your needs!



We help you decide if it will be better to repair or to buy a new grill. If you are building a new outdoor kitchen we can help you make an educated decision about what grill will be best.  

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